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As the completely unhinged push for increasing amounts of renewable energy continues, more and more companies are proudly printing that they are "Made with Wind Power" on their packaging.

These companies, no company, has any way of knowing that the electricity they are using comes directly from wind energy. Do you know how they feel they have the right to put these meaningless little pictures on their packages? Well, we asked...

Per General Converting, Inc., a specialty packaging company:

Two things:

1. They pay a PREMIUM price for electricity.

2. They still need COAL.

They pay for this "wind powered" designation. The wind does not blow 100% of the time and they also produce energy at a fraction of what Coal, Natural Gas and Nuclear do.

To better understand why they cannot possibly know where their energy is actually coming from, we refer to Ohm's Law.

This is directly from MISO (the gird). The same grid that General Converting, Inc. gets their electricity from.

Again, two things: 1. Electricity passes through all possible paths but there is more flow through paths with less resistance.

2. Once a fuel source has added their energy to the grid, it becomes part of the fuel mix. MISO does not keep the fuel sources separate. They cannot and do not say, "Wind power to this building, Nuclear to this home, Coal to this factory." That is a magical world and it is not reality.

If you feel like learning a little more about the physics of Ohm's law, watch this YouTube video.

Final thought, do not buy into the propaganda. They are just taking your money.

Just for good measure, here is a friendly reminder of how little wind actually contributes:

You can check this at any time on MISO's website.

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