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Northeast Missouri Wind Energy Information

An Alternative Perspective

Welcome to Northeast Missouri Wind Energy Information, a grassroots group of rural Missourians fighting to protect and preserve their homes. Our goal is to share information regarding wind energy while working together to conserve Northeast Missouri.

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Proposed Wind Projects in Missouri

There are currently (as of June 15, 2022) FOUR projects in Missouri with pending or approved FAA permits. As always, the permits are...

Failures are "Rare"

Recently, we listened to two wind energy representatives tell county commissioners that failures of wind turbines are "RARE." We knew...

But, But...The Taxes!

When the general public began to learn the true extent of the High Prairie project, the conversation often turned to the taxes - all the...

Just Keep Spreading Misinformation

We were in the middle of writing a blog related to taxes (which is still coming) when we were shown this Kirksville Daily Express...

Road Update, What We Know

Our last blog related to the roads got quite a bit of attention. We feel it is only fair to update the community with what we know now....

YouTube Channel

We started a YouTube channel. We will post videos and compilations there of what it is like to live within the High Prairie project. If...

Knox County Informational Meeting

Spread the word! A concerned group of citizens in Knox County is leading an informational meeting regarding the potential wind project...

Our Collection of Information

We have been asked for access to the information that we not only base our stance on wind energy but what we use to share with others. We...

Tenaska, We See You.

Recently, a letter to the editor was sent to the Edina Sentinel raising concerns regarding the GPS coordinates that were submitted to the...

Please Fill Out These Polls

Our poll regarding wind energy in Schuyler County and Adair County is still open. We would really appreciate more responses. You can...

Knox County, Beware!

Knox County, Missouri - We have been watching and here it is, the first look at the turbine locations. You can view the map here. Knox...

Let's Try the Poll, Again.

We want to start by thanking the people who had already participated and answered our poll questions. Unfortunately, SurveyMonkey blocked...

We Need Your Input

We are asking residents of Schuyler County and Adair County to fill out the following survey:

Made with Wind Power

As the completely unhinged push for increasing amounts of renewable energy continues, more and more companies are proudly printing that...

About Those Roads...

Its time for a reality check, when it comes to the state of the roadways in Northeast Missouri. There has been a substantial amount of...

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NEMO Commissioners

List of Commissioners and their meeting days and times for Northeast Missouri

Schuyler County Petition

This petition will be circulating around Schuyler County.
The wording may be changed for other counties. If you need assistance, please contact us.

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Thanks for your interest in Northeast Missouri Wind Energy Information. For more information, feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you soon!

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